Market research software - data mobility

Market research software: strengths and weaknesses

This article compares the different types of market research software available and their strengths and weaknesses. It stresses the need to consider data mobility.
What makes MRDCL unique

What makes MRDCL different to any other tabulation software?

This article explores why we consider MRDCL to offer you unique advantages (the sales bit, you might say), explaining why it is different and also identifying the disadvantages.
Merge and use data in MRDCL

How to merge data sources using MRDCL

Crosstabs have not become more complex in recent years, but the data that users of MRDCL and research data want to process has become more complex.
Learning to use MRDCL

How to learn a scripting language like MRDCL?

MRDCL offers almost limitless power when producing market research crosstabulations – and, importantly, it does this efficiently.
6 steps to successful templates

How to build and manage templates for tabulations in MRDCL

The unique design of MRDCL allows you to build customisable templates that can simplify complex or repetitive tasks. The technique is known as EPS (Excel Productivity Scripting).
MRDCL templates make things easier

Why MRDCL’s crosstab templates offer automation, power and simplicity

Carrying out complex survey data analysis and producing crosstabs can mean that staff need to re-think and re-work every survey they handle. The unique design of MRDCL...
MRDCL connecting data

Using MRDCL with other software products

The importance of being able to move market research data easily between different systems has never been greater. If a software supplier tells you that their platform does everything you will ever need, be very suspicious.
Codes change on a tracking study

Using the right software for market research tracking studies

Market research tracking studies are a valuable source of revenue for many research agencies. However, most of the software used in market research struggles with the practicalities that face researchers and data analysts when analysing tracking data.
Strengths and weaknesses of market research software
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Strengths and weaknesses of MRDCL – when is MRDCL the right and wrong choice?

Cross tabulations, often called crosstabs or, simply, tables, are here to stay. I’ve read statements to the contrary and how research is all about providing insights. That’s all very well, but crosstabs are still the most convenient way to get a good picture of your survey data