Sharing data in market research

How to share the data from a project analysed using MRDCL

Many only view MRDCL as a tool for producing crosstabs (or tables) using its powerful scripting language. That is not unreasonable, but we are in an era of sharing data, and MRDCL now offers a great deal more choice..
price of an MRDCL licence

Is the cost of an MRDCL licence reasonable?

The price of market research survey software ranges from free right up to tens of thousands of dollars or more per year. So, how does our MRDCL scripting crosstab software fit into this vast price range?
Integrating MRDCL with your application

Integrating MRDCL with a platform for tabulations

Every month, it seems, I find a new platform for market research that collects data or produce tables, charts or maybe a dashboard. However, I notice that the tools for tabulations are often limited and inflexible in terms of what you can generate.
handling different sources of data in MRDCL

Why you need crosstabulation software that can handle any survey data format

The software you use for producing tables needs to analyse data in any standard data format used in market research. I am sometimes surprised at the limitations of many tabulation software packages and the time staff spend to prepare data before you can even produce one table.
linking software together

MRDCL: Moving from scripted tabulations to scripted research processes

MRDCL has been one of the few premier scripting languages for market research tabulations for many years. I have noticed that these products have not changed focus in 20 years, yet market research has changed out of recognition. Well, the big news is that MRDCL has changed.
Quantum undeveloped since 1997

Why is Quantum tabulation software still used in market research?

For many years, I could not help wondering why the Quantum tabulation software for market research was still in use. Most of us consider IT and software to be fast-moving industries, yet SPSS bought Quantime, the developers of Quantum, in 1997...
programming and scripting surveys

Scripting market research surveys

The use of scripting to process market research questionnaires and surveys has grown in rece nt years. But, first, what is scripting? It means using a programming language to prepare a questionnaire, to process data or to produce tabulations.